Fruits as Inflammations Remedies

A list of fruits with anti-inflammatory and other medical properties.

Papaya Papaya. This fruit from Central and South America shows quite a potential in medical use. With high contents of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, dietary minerals and provitamin A carotenoids as well as dietary fibre it is a perfect fruit for a healthy dish. The ripe fruit is eaten raw but still unripe can be cooked and eaten in a salad for example.
Kiwi Kiwifruit. Worldwide known fruit ( Kiwi in short ) native to China but cultivated all over the world today is a Vitamin bomb. High content of Vitamin C along with omega-3 fatty acid ( in seeds ) this fruit is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy and a natural blood thinner.
Raspberries Raspberries. Antioxidants in this fruit play a major role in worldwide popularity. Along with Vitamin C we can also find iron, B Vitamins and magnesium in abundance in Raspberries. Phenolics and flavonoids are linked to anti cancer effect and Raspberries are full of them.
Apple Apples. One of the most worldwide recognized and cultivated fruit provides many health benefits. Recent studies show anti cancer potential, especially they are believed to reduce the risk of colon, prostate and lung cancer. Apples also regulate bowel movement and decrease cholesterol level. Well known proverb “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” first mentioned in 19th century in Wales still applies today, especially with many studies proving many health benefits. Apples are easily available and like proverb says, should be eaten on regular basis.
Strawberry Strawberries. Small, red jewel of nature is loved all around the world. This tasty fruit is an excellent source of flavonoids and Vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Loved by kids and adults it is a perfect afternoon snack.
Blueberry Blueberries. Studies shown a potential in anti cancer effects and anti inflammatory properties as well, especially in wild species. Along with lowering cholesterol Blueberries also show promise in you would not believe it, memory improvement in older adults. It is believed that Blueberries reduce the risk of many diseases so a walk in the woods to pick up some Blueberries will have a double effect - exercise and later a healthy fruit full of Vitamins and antioxidants on your plate.
Orange Oranges. Fruit growing on evergreen flowering tree is one of the most popular among Citruses that was cultivated as long as 2500 BC in China. Along with anti-inflammatory effect it also shows anti cancer potential. Today this fruit is cultivated all around the world and many products are made out of it. Especially popular is Orange juice. Full of Vitamin C and dietary fibres it is a perfect companion to breakfast and afternoon snacks.